Name is Shannon. I am 18!

I love Patrick Marleau. I found the Sharks during a rough patch in my life and I love the people I have become friends with over this website.

I have an addiction to Firefly, I love anything made by Joss Whedon *bows down*, I just found John Green and his awesomeness, I love Castle, I am a HUGE shipper of just about anything, I love Nathan Fillion, I am in the application process for being a beta on Fanfiction, I am a HUGE reader, I am a writer, I am a movie geek, and this is my blog.

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My Dad said, “No one cares about hockey. It’s just a stupid game”

I beg to differ. I had an idea. To show him that hockey is a great game and it is pretty popular, if you guys reblog or favorite this, I will write your name in a notebook. He aggreed that if I have nine hundred plus notes then he will not only take back his comment but, he will take me to my first hockey game. Please help me show my father that people actually like hockey and that it’s not just a stupid game.

Thank you in advance.

UPDATE: I went.  All because of you guys! Thank you. From the bottom of my heart. It was the greatest experience I have ever witnessed even though we lost. Thank you.

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    THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY. OH MY GOSH. I am beyond excited for you!!!:)
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    Hockey isn’t just a game everybody who loves hockey us a part of this big huge family of people all around the world and...
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    Guys, we did it! My father took back his comment and I got tickets for the Sharks vs. Stars game on the 7th! I just...
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